Alasdair has decided to give up his duties as greenkeeper as off today the committee would like to thank him for his work over the years.

With opening day a couple of weeks away the committee have asked Colin Blake from Alloa East End to help us short term to try and get the playing surface in suitable condition to play bowls on opening day .

There were a few volunteers at the AGM who were interested in learning how to use the mower and we hope to get them trained up

Alasdair has removed all his personal equipment from the shed which means we will need to make a big investment in kit

hopefully the committee will have a plan in place soon, any member willing to help please let us know , there is weeding and edging to get done to smarten the place up.

will be looking for help next sat morning the 26th to put the tent up and tidy things up for opening day , Sheets are posted for opening day and the first couple of friendlies

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