AGM 2022

Folks this years AGM will be held on Sunday the 6th of march , is a bit later this year as it took a bit longer to get a new auditor and get the accounts passed .

A Large attendance is requested please , hopefully we will have a full season of bowls .

Polmasie have requested a friendly on the 9th of April as there was a mix up with the dates .

We had that date down for opening day , we have moved opening day to the 2nd of APRIL . This is early so hopefully the green will be ready and weather ok , we are going to try and get entertainment for that day as well it will start when we have finished playing bowls .

just a reminder that the sheet is still up for the club tops and we hope to get an order away soon , please try a sample top on { they are hanging in the ladies locker room } and add your name to the sheet .

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