I hope everyone is safe and well after recent events. NHS Scotland have requested a full list of names and contact numbers of those people who were in the Club between 11th and 14th August so you may be contacted by them.

The Club has been cleaned throughout and will get a ‘Chlorine De-mist tomorrow, Saturday with the re-opening on Sunday at 1pm. Please fill in the Track & Trace sheet, wear masks when inside the Club, wash & sanitise hands regularly.

The TOP TEN FINAL has been moved to Saturday 11th September at Alloa’s request as they have a long standing Charity Event on the 28th August.

Polmaise Friendly is on the 28th August and I will post the Team Sheet. If you can take a car it would be helpful.

Unfortunately we will have to cancel the Clackmannan Friendly on the 11th September.

Take care & Stay safe 🙏

2 thoughts on “BLOG on a FRIDAY!

  1. Polmaise game starts at 2pm Colin, I will check sheet tomorrow to see if you’ve put your name down. Text me if you want me to put your name down if it’s not already there.


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